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Christmas Hacks in July

Tips for this, and every Christmas to come:

It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree that matters; it’s who’s around it.

- Charlie Brown

Home is not a physical place, it lies somewhere in the proximity of your loved ones. There is no better refresh button than wrestling matches with dad, movies with your brother and baking cakes with mom.

There is something inexplicably satisfying about warming up your fingers on mugs of hot chocolate, wearing ugly old sweaters and comfortable fluffy socks. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, take out the time to explore the therapeutic effect of decorating a tree. Allow yourself to give in to the spirit of childish wonder associated with the season.

However efficient the idea of gifting money sounds – don’t do it. If you can’t develop telepathy and figure out what they want, take a moment to think about them. What was that show was that they seemed really excited about last week? Remember that time they came up with a really good idea for a story but they didn’t have anything to write it down on? Get them some merch and a journal and just like that, you have a meaningful gift and a more meaningful relationship.

Put up some fairy lights and watch ALL the Christmas movies. Watch the sad ones, watch the happy ones, watch the good ones and the bad ones. Watch them with your friends and watch them by yourself. Just don’t forget the popcorn and blankets :)

You may not believe in Santa anymore but you can make other people feel the joy he brings. You can be Santa to the orphans who live down your street, the ones who wonder what it’s like to be loved. It’s called the season of giving for a reason.

Remember, Christmas may just be another commercialized period of the year, but deep down it's undeniable that it has always meant something more. So, let the joy seep into your being. Let yourself feel the spirit of Christmas.

Written by Shruthi


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