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DO we need art?

In a recent conversation, I was questioned on why art is needed in society so that got me and a few friends thinking about,Do we need actually need art?” For some, art is a waste of time, while for others, art is a medium of expressing feelings into a physical form. Art, the path to a creative mind, is an engrossing subject for those with infinite and wild imaginations.

Taking art in the future is an immense risk. It is not a stable career choice. Because of constant changes in perception, art is always seen differently. Art was once seen as a weapon but can now be seen as an array of flowers. Many artists suffered as a result. Their air may not have been recognized at the time due to the prevailing views on art, and sometimes art is appreciated too late.

Art enhances one’s imagination. It unlocks the secret chamber in one’s mind. This chamber is full of creativity and ideas. Art allows us to think and appreciate the smallest of things. Without art, the beautiful sparkle of dewdrops on foliage would be meaningless and ignored. We need art because art shows the world what words cannot depict.

Again, art is a changing perception. An artist’s life is dependent on this perception and not on the beauty of art. Artists’ lives are in the hands of critics that determine the value of their work. Being an artist would not require one to make something beautiful, but rather it would require a series of luck and fortune.

Without art, the world is close to nothing. We need art more than we think and it takes a mind – like that of Leonardo Da Vinci-to show the world what art is. Art teaches us about different views. An art piece can never be remade because everyone’s different and everyone's view differs as well. We need art to enjoy and understand the world and people around us.

Art is everywhere and everything; the trees swaying to the wind is a piece of art. Art, further gives us an insight into the world at large. History tells us what happened and when it happened, but it can’t tell us how the population at large felt about it. That’s where art steps in. We know a lot about how people in the past lived and worked, because their art has given us such a deep insight into their daily lives. We wouldn’t have that insight without it.Art can be a factor emitting fumes or biotechnology but it all depends on who sees it and when they see it.

Art is a necessity in our lives. This is because, without art, we would not have our houses built the way they are or designs on a piece of cloth. Without art, our world would be a dull, black and white movie of sleep, work and eat- the world would undergo a monotonous lifestyle. Art

Kiara Lakdawala


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