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The life was mine which was built by YOU

Written by Aadithyaa

I walked past the door that used to greet me one day 

I walked past the faces that used to smile at me one day 

I walked past the bloody world 

Which tried to make me 'civilized' one day 

Do you understand what it means, what it means

To study what my father wanted me to

Do you understand how it pains, how it pains

To see someone else live a life that I wanted to

Do you understand what it takes, what it takes

To believe the truth that society wants me to

I want to scream 

That yes I am a failure

I want to scream 

That yes I am just another brick in the wall

I want to scream

That yes I failed, I failed to live the dreams of this society 

The dreams of which were hammered into my brain by my parents 

My eyes tied dark with advice by my relatives

My mouth sealed with a career graph by my teachers  

My hands tied back with pressure by my friends 

While my legs, drowned in the sea of unknown that I created for myself

Because it is better to be lost in my own darkness

Than be blinded by the light you shed

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